The software contains a participant and a management environment.

1. Participants environment
Participants can, if they receive an invitation, create an account, view profile, adjust, follow courses and take tests, repeat courses, view results and receive reminders if a certificate (almost) expires.

The participant environment contains the following elements:
Language selection.
Privacy Policy
Creating a personal participant account.
Change account information.
Possibility to display (SCORM) content: The produced film and / or animation in the chosen language with added test questions (eg from a database with a random composition).
Print a certificate or automatically mail it with a sufficient score (certificate or security card in the agreed house style).
Receiving reminders when a certificate expires (if enabled by the participant).

2. Management environment (for porter or key user)
A key user is a participant account, with extra rights. This makes it possible to log in to the administrator part of the software via the back-end of the system. In practice, a key user is often created for (internal) participants with the function of, for example, a porter, reception, functional manager and / or training manager.