Visitor registration

Visitor registration
  • Attendance registration
  • Visitor history
  • Automatically log in and out
  • Calamity overview
  • Print visitor badge

Unmanned attendance registration


The Entrance Portal of offers the possibility to register visitors. Upon arrival, visitors can report to the reception and the porter / receptionist will then look up this visitor in the portal and register as present in the portal. In this way it is possible to see at any time who and how many people are present at a location, for example in case of calamities. In addition, it is later possible to check which visitors have visited the location in the past on each date, which can be used for reporting incidents.

Depending on the safety rules that apply at the location, the porter also checks whether the visitor meets all the requirements when registering. Completed Entrance Portal courses and other training courses such as forklift diploma and driver's license can be saved and retrieved in the Entrance Portal.

Visitors can also register themselves, without a porter or receptionist being present.

Have visitors register themselves at the reception area

The Entrance Portal of can be set up in such a way that it functions as a registration system, without a doorman. The visitor is successively welcomed at the location and then guided through the registration procedure with a few clicks.

The system is suitable for visitors with and without appointments.

Visitors with an appointment

Visitors with appointments are searched for in the system and registered on the basis of a number of personal details (name and date of birth).

In order to inform the right employee about the visit, the visitor can indicate which employee of the company is his contact person. The contact person will then be informed immediately by email.

If there is no doorman, the employee who lets the visitor in will have to check the visitor's safety requirements. The contact person checks by means of the notification e-mail whether the visitor has successfully completed the required courses.

Visitors without an appointment

Visitors who come unexpectedly can also register via this system. Various options can be set for this in the portal. Examples of this are parcel deliverers, external auditors, inspection officials, private individuals who come for general information, collectors, etc. These options can be included in a selection menu for the visitor.

A suitable message can then be set for each option, varying from “Please take a seat in the waiting area. You will be helped as soon as possible." or “Please take the package to our counter at the back.” to “Unfortunately we are unable to participate in cash collections.”.

For the options where this is necessary, an email can also be sent to the employee within the company who handles such matters.

Visitors sign themselves out

Registration of attendance and absence is only complete if visitors also log out. That is also possible with this system. At the end of his visit, the visitor goes back to the same computer at the entrance, finds himself again in the same way and logs out.

The system makes it possible to quickly check who is present at which location as a visitor at any time.

Available in multiple languages

The unmanned attendance registration is available in several languages, making it usable for visitors of various nationalities. The system is available in Dutch, English and German, but other languages ​​are also possible. At the start of the check-in and check-out, the visitor can choose in which language the system is operated.

Custom design

Just like the eLearning environment and the administration environment of the Entrance Portal, the environment for registration and deregistration has the same desired design that you have chosen. This concerns the color scheme, background image and logo.

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